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Enjoy the day more with Tulips & Maple. Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, afternoon teas, barbeques or memorial occasions, we are there to help you host with ease. Life’s milestones are a reason for celebration in themselves—but with Tulips & Maple, you’ll find that life just got sweeter. And we do the clean-up so after it’s done, it’s like we were never there (except for those unforgettable memories)!

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I can’t thank you enough for your expert guidance in organizing Sarah’s graduation garden party. The food was awesome! Everything was enjoyed by our guests and they had no difficulty choosing wat to eat, they everything with gusto! The presentation was beautiful to look at as it was to eat. And the Food ruck “Street Eats” was the highlight! And the staff! I can’t say enough good things about them, friendly efficient thoughtful and entertaining!

Amy (Graduation Party)

May and Andrew were truly a pleasure to work with and have onsite. Everything was on time, delicious and the attention to detail and service was on point and professional. I would recommend using Tulips & Maple again and again!

Lisa & Dave (Wedding Anniversary)

I first discovered Tulips & Maple when I realized friends must be getting tired of the same hors d’oeuvres that I served at every party. I then spent hours on the Tulips and Maple web site and got confused and frustrated – so many options, so many choices! However, Cameron came to my rescue and calmly provided sensible suggestions, he was patient and helpful. The food was great, the guests were delighted with everything. The choices were excellent and guests were delighted and interested to know the provider. To top it off my friends were quite excited the next day to learn the same company was feeding the prime minister and other famous visitors!

Janet (Private House Party)

As a full-time wedding professional, I have the pleasure of working with a number of vendors throughout the year. I can say with full confidence; no other caterer is as pleasurable to work with than Tulips & Maple and it has been an honour to work with them repeatedly over the years. From the first initial meeting, through the planning phases, to execution of the event, and the conclusion of the evening the staff of Tulips & Maple offer nothing less than the upmost professionalism and care for their clients. From a planning perspective, our teams work well to communicate details and requirements with one another with such easy that it allows us each to provide a higher level of service to our mutual clients. Tulips & Maple creativity, openness to try to ideas, and superior professionalism is what not only sets them apart but above any other catering company in Ottawa. I look forward to working with them again and again!

Shannon Kennedy (Event Planner)

Thanks a million to all of you for a wonderful Christmas luncheon. Some say it’s the best food served ever at these events and this was my 7th Christmas event! You are all so wonderful to work with and I’m so appreciative of everything you do. I look forward to working with all of you again!

Debra (Private House Party, Kingston)